Smart cards

Our plastic smart cards are used in a number of applications across a range of sectors including hotels, catering, travel, healthcare, and the public sector to name a few.

Our smart Cards are much more than cards

What makes our cards great

  • High level of finish
  • Precision thickness
  • Designed for you
  • Hi tech manufacturer Technology
  • Quality plastic
  • Ecological
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telecommunications equipment

You are running a business and you need professional high speed Internet Access, which delivers the performance and features you need. AITEK International provides secured

A great range of solutions for all your needs

We have created state-of-the-art and secured colocation facilities in a multi-tier and attractive local environment. We provide redundant power, scalable space options, powerful cooling and a fully redundant High Capacity Network, which makes your business critical systems less vulnerable. Options might vary depending on the tier environment you choose.
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If you are a supplier, please find open Request for quotations from AITek International
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AITECK is Hi-tech
Aitek International is your high-tech partner providing smart solutions to your company’s ever growing needs. With years of experience in offering the latest technologies in the telecommunications sector Aitek International has more recently has made major stride to introduce Automated Smart Parking solutions to a number of African countries.
Aitek International 25th floor, Workington Tower, 78Bonham Strand, Shueng Wan, Hong Kong

港上环文咸东,78号恒丰大厦25楼, 科枝國際有限公司,
Aitek International Limited

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high performance cards

SMART CARDS and Plastic Cards
Smart cards 100%
micro chips 100%
telecommunications equipment 100%
elevators 100%
Automated smart car parking equipment 100%
Speedy Tower 100%
Multi Parking 100%
Optima System 100%
Lift and Slide 100%
Automated smart car parking equipment 100%

Automated Smart Car Parking

Speedy Tower | Multi Parking | Optima System | Lift and Slide

Ongoing Projects


Smart cards

SIM Cards and Voucher Cards


different models of cloud offerings


secured dedicated access

What makes us unique!

A strong expertise and experience built up throughout the years for the different Internet related jobs and fields. We are definitively the right partner for the success of your business.
Great flexibility and reactivity in all our services and solutions, which allows us to be as close as possible to you, your business and your needs.
A solid, tested, secure and redundant infrastructure. We always deliver the highest quality of services, which allows us to offer customised solutions, perfectly fitting your needs and expectations.

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